Commercial Container transformation

CrossFit Aros

(Under construction)

Conversion of 8 pcs. 20 foot containers, for placement right up under the ceiling of a crossfit center. The containers will contain changing rooms and bathrooms.
CrossFit Aros website
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Commercial Container transformation

Aarhus Street Food

This project was carried out in close collaboration with Aarhus Street Food, which has also been the overall project manager for the task.
Aarhus Street Food has been responsible for the design and specifications of all the bars in the place and ACD has designed and produced them.

All kitchens have been developed and produced directly for, and in collaboration with, the individual restaurateurs, and with Aarhus Street Food, as the overall project manager.

It has been exciting to help create this unique and popular environment.

Visit the Aarhus Street Food website here!


Pipe storage for plumbing business

Conversion of a 20 foot container for storing pipes. On the shelves, plastic pipes are laid where the iron pipes can be laid.
The container is insulated on all sides and ceiling, as well as doors. It is also extended so that the longest common pipe lengths of 6 meters can be in it.
All specifications are prepared together with the customer and ACD has prepared the solution proposal based on this.


20 foot container isolated and pre-rigged with electricity.


This container is insulated and premounted with electricity – according to the customer’s specifications and needs.
Rear wall, ceiling and sides are insulated with 50 mm. The floor is not insulated, just as the doors are only partially insulated.

This type of conversion is often used by craft companies that need workshop facilities on the construction site and / or storage of materials and tools. With insurance-approved locking systems, one can be quite comfortable with having values on a building site.

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