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ACD / Aarhus Container Depot

ACD / Aarhus Container Depot specializes in a number of different services within container handling, storage and conversion - or as we usually sum it up:
“Everything You Can Do With A Container”




Handling & Storage

Handling and storage of ship containers
Buy & sell containers for all purposes.
Online IT system (PICit)
Depot location close to highway



Inspection & repair

Turn key service of containers
Inspection of containers
Repair of containers
Easier adaptation of containers according to customer specification.



Customisation & Design

Containers can be used for many things – and in fact it is only the imagination that sets the limit. Get inspired for your container project – follow us at Aarhus Container Depot on Instagram

A few of our projects


Pipe storage for plumbing business

Conversion of a 20 foot container for storing pipes.
On the shelves, plastic pipes are laid where the iron pipes can be laid.
The container is extended so that the longest pipe lengths of 6 meters can be in it.



Smartphone charging station

Conversion of container to a charging station for mobile phones – Smuk Fest Festival.

The same concept can also be used in street food solutions and various pop-up solutions.
Openings can be made in different ways, depending on the purpose of use.


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